Do you deliver?
Yes of course. Delivery is free if you’re in the Ealing area and to certain London wedding venues (Syon Park, Kew Gardens, Pembroke Lodge, Hampton Court Palace and Chiswick House). We’ll deliver further afield but we need to charge, with a minimum charge of £15. We’ll set everything up at the venue and text you a photograph so you know it’s there waiting for you.

Can I collect?
Yes, that’s no problem.  However, we’re a family business run from a residential address so visits are strictly by appointment only.

When should I book in?
As soon as you can!  If you’ve set a date and it’s no more than a year away then get in touch.  Even if you don’t know exact details, it’s best to book in and we can fine tune everything nearer the date.


I don't really like icing....

No problem. We have a great range of cakes that don't use sugarpaste ("fondant") icing - such as Lady Godiva, Salome, Grace, Coco, Fiesta, Petal and Marilyn.

Can I have different flavours in each tier?
Yes!  2 flavours is usually more than enough but if you have 4 tiers, there’s no reason why you can’t have 4 different flavours.

Do you do tasters?

Do you do consultations?
Yes! Come for a cup of tea and a slice of cake! You should bring along anything relevant to your wedding - colour swatches, invitations, a picture of the dress...anything! Evening and weekend consultations are available.

We do not charge for consultations but we do ask that you give us at least 24 hours notice if you no longer wish to come.


My Auntie Carol would like to bake the cake, can you decorate it?
Yes, for weddings - BUT it’s only practical if it’s to be a fruit cake.  Ideally, you won’t mind Jen contacting Auntie Carol to make sure the cakes meet our requirements.  It’s worth noting that, to be honest, it isn’t much cheaper to have Auntie Carol bake because most of the work in a wedding cake is in the decorating and the stacking, but it’s a nice idea to keep it in the family and we appreciate that.

Can we keep the top tier of our cake for a future christening or birthday?
That’s no problem, as long as it’s fruit cake - but you must let us know at the design stage because of course if one tier is to be kept, you’ll have fewer portions to go round on the day.

Do I need a cake stand?
Not necessarily. The cake can sit directly on a table, but a stand will add more height. Your venue may have one, or you can hire ours. More information here.

Do you make eggless cakes?
Yes we do.  We make fantastic egg-free chocolate and vanilla cakes! See below of information on allergies, but for weddings requiring vegetarian eggless cakes, these are a winner.

I’m allergic to nuts, is that a problem?
We can certainly use a nut-free recipe, however our kitchen does use nuts and so we can’t guarantee the cake will be nut-free.  This is true for all allergies - we make gluten free cakes, but as wheat is used elsewhere in the kitchen we are unable to guarantee they’re gluten-free. If your allergy is severe, we'd recommend you find a specialist baker.

I don’t drink alcohol, do you need to know?
Yes, let us know, even if you don’t want fruit cake!  Alcohol is sometimes used in recipes and in decorating techniques - this evaporates, so it’s fine for children and drivers, but if you require absolutely no alcohol (e.g. for religious reasons) we need to know. 

How do I book in?
We ask for a booking deposit of £50 to secure your date.  We’ll confirm everything in writing.

Can I visit your shop?
Jen’s Cakery is a family-run business based at a residential address.  Visits are strictly by appointment only.

Where's the small print?

What happens to my data?
We won't use your contact details to contact you about anything other than your cake. All the details are here,

Who do you recommend?
These guys!

Are you registered with the council?
Yes!  Of course.  All food businesses must be registered with, and inspected regularly by, Environmental Health Officers.  All food businesses in London are awarded “food hygiene ratings” - a star-award that indicates food hygiene practice.  Jen’s Cakery has the highest award:  5 stars, indicating very good standards of hygiene.