Rotten Eggs: a villains themed buffet table

I present the third annual "New Years Eve buffet table quiz round"!

This year, our fancy dress party theme was "Heroes and Villains". We had a quiz, and the first round was to spot as many villains as possible hidden within the buffet table. See how you do.

NB I think it's completely acceptable to offer guests a buffet of Baby Bels, chewing gum and candy cigarettes. This is what passes for hors d'oeuvre around these parts. We are very sophisticated. And, I might add, someone did eat the orange/cheesestring combo. Furthermore I saw at least two children (aged between 9 and 13) "smoking" the cigarettes the wrong way round. Can't work out if this is excellent or terrible parenting.

One point if you name the character depicted. Half a point if you can't name them, but know what they're from. Answers below.


1. Chicken drumsticks in a "Los Pollos Hermanos" box = Gus Fring (Breaking Bad)

2. Sausages = Mr Punch 

3. Dips = Daleks (Dr Who)

4. Crisps inside an angry looking TV set = Evil Edna (Willo The Wisp)

5. A tube of Pringles = Kim Jong Un 

6. An orange, with cheese string hair = Donald J. Trump

7. Pineapple and cheese hedgehog hair = Side Show Bob (The Simpsons)

8. Baby Bels = Hal (2001 A Space Odyssey)

9. Cheeseboard = Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde...or as close to their names as you can manage! (the ghosts from Pacman).

10. A house full of popcorn that has squashed a witch = Wicked Witch of the East (not West! I want the squashed witch!) from the Wizard fo Oz

11. Scary red balloon cake pops = Pennywise, from It

12. A romantic meal of tuna bake, followed by apple pie and home-made custard ("of course") ends with blood on the kitchen tiles = Rob Titchener (The Archers). So shocked that none of my friends or family got this one.

13. Bubblegum = Balthazar Bratt (Despicable Me 3)

14. Chocolate coins = Scrooge McDuck (Duck Tails)

15. Chocolates with popping candy = Darth Vader

16. Candy Cigarettes = Nick O'Teen (1980s Superman baddie)

17. Mini Donuts (wedding rings?) in a hat = Papa Lazaru (League of Gentlemen). YOU'RE MY WIFE NOW, DAVE.

18. Lollipops! Lots of lovely lollipops! = Kiddy Catcher (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang)

19. Matchmakers = Slenderman (Creepy Pasta) for the under 40s!

20. Jelly oozing through the doors of the Colonial Cinema = The Blob

21. Oreo fudge throne with cocktail stick swords = Joffrey (Game of Thrones)

22. Gingerbread hotel with maze = The Overlook Hotel (the Shining). The hotel is sentient, and evil, so it's the Overlook that I want not Jack Torrence!

23. Tube of smarties = Isombard King Kong Brunel (Dangermouse)

24. Glass of orange juice = O.J. Simpson

25. Napkins = Cal Hockley (Titanic)

26. Plates, disguised as a work by acclaimed 1980s Australian artist, Helen Daniels = Mrs Mangel (Neighbours)

An "iconic album cover" themed buffet table.

Hot on the heels of last new year's eve's themed buffet table quiz round, I present to you our 2016/17 NYE buffet table! This year's party theme was songs: everyone dressed as a song, and our quiz was music-based. In a room with quite a few serious music buffs, the quiz was entirely non-serious. Infact, the buffet table round was possibly the closest we got to testing anyone's music knowledge. The kids were slightly mystified by it though ("what's an album?") but the food kept them interested. So, for your enjoyment, here it is. Name the 23 iconic (ahem) albums hidden with this buffet table!

Last year my photography was hampered by the fact I was wearing Madonna's white lace gloves. This year I KNEW I would be hampered by my costume (I went as Nena's 99 Red Balloons) so I managed to take photos earlier!

1. Houmous and Celery

3. The Roast is Toast. Roast chicken drumsticks.

5. Quavers. I was pretty pleased with myself over this, I can tell you.

7. Cheese board and percy pig.

9. Brownies

11. Sherbert fountains. Yes, I do a very classy buffet table.

13. Retro sweets

15. Lemonade

17. Jazzles

19. A bag of chocolate money

2. Tzatziki, carrot & cucumber (and, err, raisins)

4. Sausages. Full disclosure: this maybe isn't an 'iconic' album, more of an album cover that featured sausages, and I really wanted to eat sausages.

6. Pineapple & cheese. Ditto on the 'pretty pleased with myself" front.

8. Banana

10. Mini pavlovas with slightly frightening lychee & blueberry eyeballs.

12. Mince pies

14. A little hard to tell, but these are jelly babies, in jelly. It turns out that jelly babies dissolve in this is a little more macabre than the album cover that it represents.

16. Chocolate sticks.

18. Cake!

20. Popcorn/chocolate/lemon combo!

21. Cookies

22. Napkins

23. Plates

How many can you guess? How many do you own?? Can you work out my age based on the albums I chose??? (clue: I do not know one single song from number 23). Answers below.........

1. The Cure, Boys Don't Cry.

2. Ride, Going Blank Again.

3. The Smiths, Meat is Murder.

4. Crosbie Stills and Nash, Live it Up. (yeah, ok, I don't know it either, just here for the sausages...)

5. Kylie Minogue, Kylie.

6. Limahl, Never Ending Story. YES IT IS ICONIC.

7. Pink Floyd, Animals.

8. Velvet Underground & Nico.

9. Joy Division, Unknown Pleasures.

10. The Pixies, Trompe Le Monde.

11. Beastie Boys, Licensed to Ill.

12. David Bowie, Blackstar.

13. Happy Mondays, Pills Thrills & Bellyaches.

14. Nirvana, Nevermind.

15. Beyonce, Lemonade.

16. Led Zepellin, IV.

17. Radiohead, Pablo Honey.

18. Rolling Stones, Let it Bleed.

19. Teenage Fanclub, Bandwagonesque.

20. The Stone Roses, The Stone Roses.

21. Sex Pistols, Never Mind The Bollocks.

22. The Beatles, White Album.

23. Kanye West, Yeezus.


A "1980s movies" themed buffet table.

Firstly, an apology as this post has absolutely nothing to do with wedding cakes, or even weddings. However it does include some cupcakes, and also a lot of...urm...creativity with food. It is in fact a bit of a public service post. When I decided to have a 1980s movie themed New Years Eve party, complete with themed buffet table, I obviously thought the internet would give me all the ideas I needed. Imagine my surprise when I could find NO blog posts about 80s movies themed buffet tables? So I'm posting mine as a service to all of you out there, for the sake of internet completeness.

Before I go on, an apology for the crumby photography. I was dressed as Madonna in Desperatly Seeking Susan, and it is VERY hard to take decent photographs when you're wearing white lace gloves. How Madonna achieved so much, whilst wearing such impractical gloves, I don't know. 

This buffet table was actually the first round of a quiz (we know how to party).  So the challenge was: examine the buffet table, and find the 22 movies hidden within it. Then eat.

Because the photography is SO bad, here's what you are looking at:

  1. A bowl of roast chicken with a can of coke.
  2. A bowl of sausages, with some signage saying "Abe Froman, Sausage King of Chicago"
  3. Dips in monkey-skull shaped bowls (which I made from air-drying clay, if you are interested, although you can buy 'proper' ones on line.)
  4. Carrots for dipping. Labelled "Camberwell Carrots".
  5. Celery for dipping. Labelled "Kryptonite".
  6. Pate and toast. I had to reassure my guests that the pate not foie gras. No geese were harmed in the making of the pate. In this particular instance, goose hasn't died. Yes, that is a clue.
  7. Cheese board Stonehenge. Not real size.
  8. On the cheese, between two chopsticks, a small fly made of a raisin and flaked almonds. 
  9. A trail of M&Ms... 
  10. Chocolates, in shape of someone dramatically handsome, frozen in carbonite. You can buy the moulds for these on line.
  11. A pile of chocolate money and other pirate gold, watched over by a skull with one eye.
  12. A mountain of mince pies, with the sign "tri-county Pie Eat - barf-o-rama"
  13. A chocolate fondue. Which we're calling a Fire Swamp.
  14. Marshmallows for fondue-dipping. In the shape of the the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.
  15. Iced cookies, in the shape of fish. In a fish bowl. Ready to be eaten. Alive.
  16. A display of cream eggs, slightly mutilated to look more alien.
  17. A bowl of popcorn, with some monster-y fingers holding the bowl and (probably) chucking it around the room.
  18. Jelly, made up to look like cocktails.
  19. Cupcakes, with a dangerous looking pot plant on the top.
  20. After eight mints. Wafer thin.
  21. Novelty bank note serviettes.
  22. A watermelon.


Feed me...

Feed me...



Don't call me stupid

Don't call me stupid

We came, we saw, we kicked its ass.

We came, we saw, we kicked its ass.

They mostly come at night....mostly...

They mostly come at night....mostly...



At some point in your life, you WILL need this blog post. Book mark it for later.

Answers....below. Scroll down and let me know how you scored!






  1. The Blues Brothers. "4 fried chickens and a coke"

  2. Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Ferris tells the doorman at the fancy restaurant that he is Abe Froman, sausage king of Chicago.

  3. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

  4. Withnail and I.

  5. Superman II. The 2 is important. I will not accept Superman as your answer, this is a 1980s film quiz, people.

  6. Top Gun. (Tenuous. Roll with the goose explanation).

  7. This Is Spinal Tap.

  8. Karate Kid. Not The Fly. The chopsticks are there for a reason!

  9. ET

  10. Empire Strikes Back and/or Return of the Jedi. I will not accept Star Wars, as it's the wrong answer.

  11. The Goonies

  12. Stand by Me

  13. Pricess Bride

  14. Ghostbusters

  15. A Fish Called Wanda

  16. Aliens. Not Alien. Refer to 5.

  17. Gremlins

  18. Cocktail

  19. Littel Shop of Horrors

  20. Monty Python's Meaning of Life

  21. I'll give you a point for the Colour of Money and/or Wall Street.

  22. Dirty Dancing.