Best of...October 2018

The end of October means that things start quieting down a bit here in Cakery Towers. It’s been a gorgeous month - we’ve had a bit of an Indian summer and not too many rainy wedding days! Lots of drip cakes - either on semi-naked cakes or our fab “tootsie” design, and of course a bit of non-cakery makery in the form of my halloween pumpkin.

I also got to look around Ealing’s newest Wedding Venue, Gunnersbury Park. This is a really elegant venue, much needed in Ealing! I’ll be blogging about it soon, but if you are getting married there then I’ll deliver and set up for free.

Everything’s over on Instagram but here’s my highlights.

Best of...September 2018

Well that’s a wrap, September! It’s been a (mainly) lovely month here with only a few rainy wedding days. I’ve been to most of my favourite local venues - Syon House, Syon Hilton, Pembroke Lodge, Kew Gardens Orangery, Fulham Palace to name just a few! Plus getting in my first trip to Pinewood studios, 2 Temple Place, and many others. Lots more semi-naked cakes, a book cake, and lots of collaborations with fab florists.

Everything’s over on Instagram but here’s a few faves!

Best of...August 2018

Some of my favourite moments from August..the heatwave subsided a little and I delivered to some new venues like Hampton Court House and Horsley Towers. Plus some old favourites like Kew Gardens.

To see everything we got up to check out our instagram feed

Best of...July 2018

Heatwave vs cakes…no casualties! I spent a lot of time at my favourite venue, Syon House, which is a gorgeous, beautiful greenhouse. It was 30C in the shade but even the butter creamed cakes survived! Time for a family holiday in France too.