Death star creme eggs and other eggy treats.

This Easter, I decided I really really NEEDED to make Creme Eggs. And if you are going to make a Creme Egg, why wouldn't you upgrade the design? I decided I had to make them in the shape of the Death Star, and couldn't rest until I'd managed it.

Death Star Creme Egg!

Death Star Creme Egg!

To make it, you just need a death star ice cube mold. You can find them on amazon for a few pounds. (They make excellent, enormous, ice cubes by the way!) 

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 10.55.41.png

I dusted the inside with Rolkem silver lustre, but you could skip that bit if you want it to look chocolatey. Then you need to coat each half with melted chocolate. I found the easiest way was to fill both halves with chocolate, then leave it for 10 mins or so, and pour it out. You need quite a thick layer so that it doesn't crack when you de-mold. Leave it for a good while to set in the fridge till it's really tough and then ease it out of the mould.

Then I filled with delicious creme egg gloop. I used this recipe:

Just spoon the white gloop into both halves, then add a bit of yellow in the centers. Then calmly and probably messily, join the two halves together. I used royal icing as glue.



I also made the traditional pimped eggs for the family - I tart up some basic easter eggs with modelling chocolate. This year we had: Roger Moore, a Porg, Frida Kahlo, Chewbacca, Princess Leia, and Hedwig.

eastereggs 2018 2.jpg

Happy Easter!