Food Standards Agency

I've had my routine food safety inspection and I'm delighted to say I got the full 5 stars!

I think it's important to brag about this becuase I work from home. Many, many cake makers work from home, but that doesn't stop people some times assuming that it's therefore a 'hobby'. This is a full-time business and my sole income. I am registered, insured, and all the rest of it. If you get your cake from a home-based business then it's completely acceptable to ask what their food hygiene rating is. If they haven't got one then run a mile! A good food hygiene rating means you have safe working practices and treat your catering business seriously.

The advantage of buying from a home-based business is, of course, that the price of your cake doesn't include shop overheads. Also, I don't take on too many orders so yours will always get the attention it deserves.

Still got it!!!

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